Remote Official Check
Title & Escrow Servicing

Secure and Automate the Printing of
Official Checks at Remote Sites

Partners, affiliates, and clients of financial institutions (FI), such as title & escrow, law offices and insurance, can print official checks onsite with print-process management centralized at your financial institution with the APsecure Remote Official Check solution. This web-based solution offers remote official check-issuance functionality - enabling on-demand check requests, check-approval workflow, secure printing, activity logging /auditing, and real-time reporting for your financial institution's existing systems. Centralized visibility and state-of-the-art security features provide process control and assurance of data integrity.

  • Offer on-demand printing of official checks at any remote location via an intuitive web interface
  • Capture real estate escrow and title accounts by offering next-generation customer service
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes for bank check printing
  • Reduce costs associated with voids/reissues and express-delivery
  • Provide unsurpassed security for bank check printing
  • Deploy quickly and easily
  • Satisfy CIO/CTO requirements
  • Experience a quick ROI

Grow deposits by expanding cash management offerings to include remote check issuance services for high-value clients. Offer your key affiliates and clients the convenience of printing official checks at their locations, while enhancing overall fraud control and operational efficiencies.

Improve Cashier's Check-Issuance Security

  • Robust, multi-tier check authorization and management
  • Active e-mail, SMS/MMS notifications
  • Advanced encryption all the way to the printer
  • Reprint suppression
  • Advanced audits and logs at the server and printer
  • Scalable, strong user authentication and access control
  • Real-time reporting for bank systems (positive pay, post transactions, account reconciliation)
  • Complete visibility and control from the financial institution: location/user-permission/account setup, check authorization/editing/cancellation/voiding, check status/event log/positive pay reporting, and more

Streamline Processing

  • Single server supports multiple companies and their satellite offices
  • Automation of manual, pre-/post-issuance tasks: approvals, tracking, positive pay reporting
  • Centralized management of pre-print check stock inventory
  • Capability to print to blank stock, with the advantages of eliminating pre-print costs and security issues

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Remote Official Check