Remote Check Printing System

APSecure-RCP enables businesses to securely print checks both locally and across the web to as many remote locations as needed. The system uses web connectivity with managed controls for secure and fast check distribution and printing to remote sites.

Installing RCP results in a significant reduction in processing and mailing costs, a significant increase in overall security, as well as faster, more efficient check production.

Time-and-Cost Savings

APSecure-RCP reduces internal-processing and express-freight costs associated with typical check distribution. Using blank check stock creates additional savings by eliminating the need to order pre-printed stock or reorder stock each time bank information changes. APSecure-RCP also delivers a high degree of automation for check processing and reporting.

High Security

Data encryption, a workflow approval process, warnings, user permissions, an event log, and an audit trail are all part of the built-in security of RCP.

APSecure-RCP also improves check printing security through decreased handling of checks by employees and express freight carriers, and by using blank check stock that offers numerous embedded security features.

Centralized Administrative Control

While your remote locations can securely print checks, the entire printing process is managed from the APSecure host at your main location. As part of the initial setup, remote locations, users, and approval workflows are configured to meet your internal control requirements. Modifications to these settings can be easily managed by the system administrator from the APSecure host.

APSecure-RCP Features

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SecureCheck Remote Check Printing System