Positive Pay Software for File Conversion & Transfer

Check fraud prevention starts with a Positive Pay partnership with your bank. The Positive Pay process is simple, but many businesses struggle to create a file that meets their bank's requirements. SecurePay Positive Pay Software makes implementing Positive Pay easy.

The Challenge:
Positive Pay File Formatting & Transmission

Participating in your bank's Positive Pay program makes a lot of sense, but it requires you to format check-issue files into your bank's required format and regularly transmit them to your bank. However, any file you output from your accounting package will not match your bank's unique file format, and hiring your accounting software provider or a consultant to create a custom solution will cost thousands of dollars.

The Easy & Affordable Solution:
SecurePay Positive Pay Software

SecurePay Positive Pay Software is the easiest and most economical way to implement Positive Pay protection with your bank. It is also the easiest and quickest way to automate the ongoing process of creating and sending fully-formatted Positive Pay files to your bank.

  • Import files from any accounting application
  • Produce files to meet any bank's specifications
  • Automatically transmit files to the bank via the internet
  • Customer service provided by technicians who lead you through setup from start to finish
  • Typical installation takes less than 45 minutes
  • Please inquire with AP Technology about whether your bank offers its clients special pricing on SecurePay Positive Pay Software.

Thousands of positive pay bank clients, from all of the major banks, using virtually any accounting application have turned to AP Technology to facilitate the Positive Pay process.

SecurePay Positive Pay Software
Professional Version

  • Installed on your local machine or server via a WebEx session
  • Automates file conversion and transmission with no user intervention
  • Event Notifications and Security Log
  • Positive Pay provides the best form of check fraud prevention

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