Web-Based Positive Pay Service

SecurePayWEB gives financial institutions the ability to offer their clients an online service for positive pay file conversion. As an extension of SecurePay, the most successful and widely-used client-side positive pay file conversion software available today, SecurePayWEB offers a secure, reliable, and economic solution for onboarding commercial clients to your institution's positive pay services.

A Simple and Affordable Solution

SecurePayWEB is a service that converts client files from any accounting application to your institution's Positive Pay format. There is no local software to install; all that's required is a simple web connection. SecurePayWEB simplifies and accelerates positive pay implementation for your clients.

How does SecurePayWEB work?

  1. Upload:
    Client uploads check issue file (.csv, fixed width, Excel, and even print stream data).
  2. Convert:
    Converts check issue file to your bank's positive pay file format.
  3. Download:
    Downloads positive pay file to their PC.

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