Official Check Issuance Solutions Overview

Streamlining Bank Check Processing

  • Official Check Issuance and Management
  • Laser-Printed Official Checks
  • Integrated Fraud Protection for Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Drafts, and other official check disbursements

APSecure Official Check Issuance Portal solutions automate retail branch, remote-client, wealth management, and loan check issuance with state-of-the-art laser-printed checks and unsurpassed fraud protection. A combination of check issuance technology, including check request, approval and laser printing along with integrated positive pay processing, adds convenience, cost savings, and fraud protection to your check disbursement operations.

Key Benefits

  • Use existing check stock or upgrade to laser-printed Official Checks on blank check stock
  • Best-in-class fraud protection
  • On-Demand or Batch Check Issuance
  • Integrates with Bank's current application and positive pay system
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Same day ON-US fraud protection
  • Expedient and measurable cost savings
  • Simplified compliance and auditing
  • Bank image enhancement due to laser-printed check quality
  • Improved customer service due to accelerated process for requesting/approving/printing checks
  • Simplified Branch Automation

APSecure Solutions

The following APSecure solutions are available:

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