Keystone Authentication

True Multi-Factor Authentication

Securing Online Identities

Keystone Authentication reclaims customer confidence in the online environment by providing extensible, multi-factor authentication for website, email, ATM/Card, and transaction channels. Keystone utilizes a simple methodology:

  • Something the user knows ( Username/Password)
  • Something the user has (One-Time Password Decoder, or OTP)

The OTP Decoder

Keystone Authentication provides OTP security and simplicity, without the production and delivery costs of hardware-based password-generating devices:

  • User creates his/her unique Keystone CodeSheet (OTP Decoder) through the bank's online service
  • Prints CodeSheet (or downloads to PDA or mobile phone)
  • Uses CodeSheet each time he/she accesses account(s) on the bank's website or ATM network
  • CodeSheet can be easily replaced if ever damaged, lost, or stolen (simply create and print a new one)

The Clear Choice for Strong Authentication and Validation

  • Easy to use
  • Strong user Authentication ( highly effective defense against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks)
  • Printable/downloadable Decoder is convenient and cost-effective
  • No client hardware or software required
  • Scalable across varying bank applications
  • Integrates readily with existing online banking systems
  • May be combined with other authentication technology in a layered technique
  • Secure remote access to services from any computer or IP-networked ATM around the world
  • Comply with security regulations for information privacy

(i.e., FFIEC guidelines, HIPAA, Bank Secrecy Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, California SB 1386, etc.)

Transaction Verification Module

Keystone Authentication with Cronto Images Module (option) enables next-level security for strong user authentication and online transactions and payments.
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Keystone Multi-Factor Authentication