Loan Servicing

Secure and Automate Loan Check Issuance

The APSecure Check Issuance Portal interfaces with your back-end loan processing application to streamline loan servicing disbursements and enhance overall fraud control.

APSecure offers functionality to print on-demand checks or batches of checks at branch offices or at a single location, with built-in approval processing and extensive auditing for efficient and secure loan check issuance. Offer value-added service and convenience to your clients by enabling checks to be quickly and securely printed on-site at your branch locations.

  • Approval workflow and OFAC lookup options to support your institution's security and compliance procedures.
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes for loan check approval and reporting requirements
  • Audit check printing activity by loan number, client, account number, etc.
  • Print high-quality laser-checks with printed-check security features
  • Automate secure check signing
  • Provide unsurpassed security for check/draft issuance
  • Deploy quickly and easily
  • Satisfy CIO/CTO requirements
  • Experience a quick ROI

Unsurpassed Cashier's Check-Issuance Security

  • Multi-level user permissions
  • Scalable, strong user authentication and access control
  • Maximum failed login enforcement; password expiration controls
  • Optional configurable, multi-tier check approval processing
  • Advanced data encryption that secures data from the server into the laser printer
  • Reprint suppression
  • Printed-check security features
  • Advanced audits and logs
  • Easy and strong integration with existing positive pay system
  • Centralized visibility and control: location/user-permission/account setup; check authorization/voiding; check history/event log/positive pay reporting

Streamline Processing

  • Single system supports both on-demand, single-check issuance and batch issuance
  • Branded solution for your institution
  • Automation of manual, pre-/post-issuance tasks, including approvals, tracking, positive pay reporting
  • Capability to print to pre-prints, partial pre-prints, or blank stock. Blank stock offers the advantages of eliminating pre-print costs and security issues
  • Simplified compliance and auditing

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