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PS Mailers brings you the most complete and affordable line of pressure-seal equipment, pressure-seal check stock and forms on the market today. PS Mailers make pressure-seal machines affordable for any size business or organization.PSM7000 Pressure-Seal Machine

PS Mailers offers an equipment line for any size business or organization with processing speeds beginning at 1,800 sheets per hour for low volume users and growing to production processing models with speeds over 10,000 sheets per hour - right out of the box!

PS Mailers complete line of self-mailer check stock and forms are designed to be printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in less time than conventional printing and mailing using envelopes. Our pressure-seal check stock offers quality and pricing to meet the budget requirements of any business or organization.ess or organization.

PS Mailers make pressure sealing documents easy

PS Mailers equipment has a user-friendly design that is easy to learn and operate. The flexible fold settings make it easy to switch between a variety of fold types, including custom, and it is backed by nationwide service plan. Start enjoying the efficiency and savings that comes with automating your folding and sealing tasks with PS Mailer pressure-seal machines..

Features of PS Mailers Equipment include:PSM5000 Pressure-Seal Machine

  • Unlimited Duty Cycles for most pressure-seal machines
  • Bottom Feed System - enables users to place additional sheets on top of the hopper without stopping the machine or waiting for the current stack to finish
  • Completely seals across document with no "pressure zones"
  • Low Maintenance and Quiet

PS Mailers Pressure-Seal Machines have the right fold type for your requirements

PS Mailers equipment has a solution that exactly right to meet you fold type and volume requirements. It can work for all fold patterns - Z, EZ, C, V as well as custom for all machines.

Pressure-Seal Machine Image 2

You can use pressure-seal checks and forms

Use pressure-seal for payroll checks, accounts payable checks, direct mail promotions or any other task that requires mailing. You will see a difference with increased productivity and cost savings.

Consider using pressure-seal with:

  • Check Printing
  • Applications
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Delinquent Notices
  • Customer Letters
  • Notices
  • Refunds or Rebates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Grade Cards
  • Tax Forms
  • Reports / Newsletters
  • Dividend and Interest Notices
  • Promotions
  • Benefits Mailings
  • License Applications
  • Renewals
  • Subscriptions
  • Reservation Confirmations
  • ...And More

PS Mailers Pressure-seal Machines will Eliminate Envelopes! Pressure-Seal Machine Image 3

PS Mailers pressure-seal machines will eliminate envelopes to inventory, match, and stuff - reducing labor and supply costs immediately!

Additionally using a pressure-seal machine will:

  • Eliminate ordering / stocking envelopes
  • Eliminate the time it takes to stuff and seal envelopes
  • Reduce labor costs of both printing and mail processing

See for yourself the complete line of PS Mailers equipment:

Pressure-Seal Machines Number of Models Speeds
Low Volume Applications 6 1,800 - 5,000 sheets per hour
Medium Volume Applications 1 7,000 sheets per hour
High Volume Applications 1 10,000 sheets per hour

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