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fDExchange is a robust, web-based file conversion engine that provides your institution a way to securely accept and deliver properly-formatted files from and to any location on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

The challenge of commercial banking is integration between banks and their corporate clients that cuts across silos, in an environment of proliferating standards, communication protocols, and varying levels of user comfort with required security measures.

Have you ever needed to deliver or receive files from a new client but did not have the ability to do so?
Your bank may have the best Positive Pay, LockBox, ACH or other system, but if you can't accept client files "as is" or deliver them internally or externally as needed, your bank has a roadblock to servicing its clients. Overcoming these types data conversion and delivery challenges can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring valuable technical resources and delaying revenue capture.

fDExchange allows clients or third party processors to receive and/or deliver any file required. There is no reason to change processes at either your bank or at the client. Automated procedures and routings allow you to focus energy on other tasks. You will meet or exceed your client's expectations, setting the stage for adoption of more online banking products and services.


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