SecureCheck 8

Secure Check and Form Issuance Solution

Enhance Payments Security and Savings

SecureCheck 8 delivers next-generation functionality for check and form issuance that enhances both the security and productivity of your organization’s disbursement process. SecureCheck 8 is a highly flexible and compatible check printing solution that will work with virtually any accounting application to securely print checks on blank stock.

Advanced security features, such as audits, events logs, user permissions, approval workflow, event notifications, printed security fonts, check watermarks, and optional positive pay automation, provide an unsurpassed level of internal controls and fraud prevention for your organization.

SecureCheck 8 is also loaded with advanced functionality designed to enhance your check printing productivity through task automation, greater efficiency and ease-of-use.

Take Fraud Prevention Seriously.
SecureCheck 8 Delivers Best Practices
for Fraud Prevention and Legislative Compliance

With the enactment of legislation, such as Check 21 and Sarbanes-Oxley, businesses have recognized the need to increase their internal controls for fraud prevention. Check fraud continues to grow each year, and protecting your organization requires check printing security that keeps pace with the latest vulnerabilities. Learn more about the Check Printing Demands of Regulatory Compliance.

SecureCheck 8 helps your organization succeed with best practices and state-of-the-art internal controls for regulatory compliance.

SecureCheck 8: MICR Check Printing Software Features

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