Branch Official Check

Secure and Automate the Printing of
Official Checks at Retail Branch Locations

Streamline the process of official check issuance at branch locations while enhancing overall fraud control, with the APSecure Branch Official Check solution. This innovative web-based solution offers official check-issuance functionality - enabling on-demand check requests, check-approval workflow, secure printing, activity logging/auditing, and real-time reporting for your financial institution's general ledger. Centralized visibility and state-of-the art security features provide process control and assurance of data integrity.

  • Offer on-demand printing of official checks at branch locations via an intuitive web interface
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes for official check issuance
  • Reduce costs associated with voids/reissues
  • Provide unsurpassed security for bank check printing
  • Deploy quickly and easily
  • Satisfy CIO/CTO requirements
  • Experience a quick ROI

Improve Cashier's Check-Issuance Security

  • Robust, multi-tier check authorization and management
  • Approval-processing workflow, as required
  • Advanced encryption all the way to the printer
  • Reprint suppression
  • Advanced audits and logs at the server and printer
  • Scalable, strong user authentication and access control
  • Real-time reporting for financial institution's systems
  • Complete visibility and control from main location: location/user-permission/account setup, check authorization/editing/cancellation/voiding, check status/event log/positive pay reporting, and more

Streamline Processing

  • Deployable at any number of branch locations
  • Automation of manual, pre-/post-issuance tasks: approvals, tracking, positive pay reporting
  • Centralized management of pre-print check stock inventory
  • Capability to print to blank stock, with the advantages of eliminating pre-print costs and associated security issues

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