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Positive Pay is widely-recognized as an essential best practice for check fraud prevention. It also helps organizations meet the "standards of ordinary care" specified by the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). Click here to learn why the UCC means you should implement positive pay.

By signing up for your bank's Positive Pay services, you are forming a strong partnership with your bank for check fraud protection. With Positive Pay, the paying bank compares every check submitted for payment to an electronic file submitted by the bank client. If there is a discrepancy, the bank client is contacted for a decision on payment.

Challenges of Implementing Positive Pay

Despite the fact that Positive Pay is the absolute best method for check fraud prevention, many organizations forego these bank services, believing that implementation will be too difficult or costly. These organizations do not have the time or resources to dedicate to creating a custom solution that will properly format Positive Pay files and deliver them to their bank/s.

There an Easy and Affordable Solution for Positive Pay Implementation

Positive Pay Implementation Time

AP Technology's SecurePay Positive Pay Software provides a way to any size business to implement Positive Pay quickly and easily. The typical bank client installation with SecurePay, including a file delivery test, takes less than 45 minutes. When compared to the time and cost of creating a custom solution, either internally or with a consultant, the savings are significant.

SecurePay Positive Pay Software provides an affordable solution with an easy-to-use interface that will convert virtually any accounting check-issue file to your bank's format and automatically transmit the file to your bank.

For this reason, it is the nation's most widely-used Positive Pay Software for implementation and file delivery. It is also the recommended solution of 8 of the 10 leading U.S. commercial banks and many other financial institutions.

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SecurePay Positive Pay Software

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