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For additional patent or trademark information, please contact the AP Technology Legal Department at 760-929-4808.


The patents below are patents in the United States.

PAT. NO. 5,075,875, Printer control system
PAT. NO. 5,066,517, Method for enhancing the permanence of printed images
PAT. NO. 5,030,977, Printed image magnetic signal level control apparatus and method
PAT. NO. 7,565,414, System and method for translating and transferring files in a networked system


The trademarks below are trademarks in the United States.

AP Technology®
Keystone AuthenticationTM

Proper Use of Trademarks

Use the ® to indicate AP Technology's fully registered trademarks and the TM to indicate our claimed trademarks. Please make the trademark symbol a superscript (® or TM) and position it immediately after the trademark to which it applies (e.g. AP Technology® SecureCheck® MICR Check Printing System).

The TM or ® designation is needed only for the first reference to a trademark in a document, unless you are citing or listing a series of product titles. In that case, the trademark symbols should be used with each name. Additionally, in publications consisting of several articles or chapters, use the TM or ® designation with the first instance of the trademark in each article or chapter.

At the end of publications, include one trademark paragraph that lists all applicable trademarks used in the publication. Do not include the actual TM or ® symbols in the trademark paragraph.

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