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Executive Team

Richard Love, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a cofounder of AP Technology and is responsible for setting the company vision and technical direction. His executive and engineering leadership has pioneered industry-first technologies for MICR laser check printing, as well as secure financial data conversion and unattended web transmission. Prior to founding AP Technology, Mr. Love co-founded Torrey Pines Research, serving as COO and Executive Vice President for Technology from 1986 - 1998. His experience also includes being the Technical Manager of Development for the U.S. government MICR printing systems. He has a long history of designing hardware and software solutions, including personal computers, IBM's first laptop, and peripheral devices.

Joe Briski, Senior Vice President, Sales, oversees sales and marketing effforts for AP Technology's suite of payment solutions.  These solutions connect banks and businesses by automating data normalization and transmission for multiple bank specifications and formats.  He has played an important role in improving the user experience and product functionality within the AP Technology software and web service lines for both the banking and customer solutions.

Greg Wilfahrt, the Chief Mobility and Marketing Officer at AP Technology has been immersed in mobile technology for almost 20 years.  Previously, Mr. Wilfahrt started and managed six start-ups, including a wireless company with nearly 60 million users, achieving mobile billing integration with wireless carriers in 180+ countries.  Author of the "Global Mobile Consumers Bill of Rights," and co-author of AP Technology's "Mobile Payments Bill of Rights," Greg Wilfahrt's commentaries on mobility, marketing, social media, and technology have appeared on/in CNBC Europe, FOX News, NY Times, Forbes, Businessweek, and more news outlets around the world.

Mikael Vinding, Chief Technology Officer, manages software development and technical support functions. Mr. Vinding combines 20+ years of Web and mobile technology experience with international business and product development successes at global entities, and start-ups alike. Prior to AP Technology, Mr. Vinding was Senior Trade Advisor with the NY-based Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He earlier founded an enterprise communications and mobile messaging company, building its platform and leading the company through funding, international rollout, and eventual exit. Holder of a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark, Mr. Vinding's passions range from technical innovations and international management, to product development, telecom, and finance.

Donovan Perkins, Senior Vice President, Strategic Markets and Major Accounts, has worked with the nation’s leading banks on implementing financial data exchange and unattended web transmission solutions designed to prevent fraud and improve the connection between banks and their commercial customers. Mr. Perkins was the founder and President of United Systems Company, a hardware/software storage system development and integration firm supporting customers such as IBM, DEC, Disney Productions, Boeing and major industrial distributors. Additionally, Mr. Perkins has held executive sales and management positions with ANDATACO, Summit Healthcare and Control Data Corporation.

Anita Hill, Senior Vice President, Business Services, has over twenty-five years of experience in corporate financial management.  Prior to AP Technology, she served as Vice President of Finance for DIG MEDIA, Vice President & Controller of COMPS.COM and Vice President of Finance for ZD Market Intelligence.  Anita's expertise includes all aspects of financial reporting and management, including IPO-related investor relations, fundraising, M&A activity and human resource functions.

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