Check Signing Software

If you are still relying on a check signing machine or company executives to sign your checks, there is a more efficient and secure solution!

Check Signing Software

Check signing software allows you to easily and securely apply signatures to your checks or any document. Signatures are stored in an encrypted format and protected with password security. You can layer additional security in your check signing process by using software features such as Signature Feathering or Secure Mark. Save time and enhance security by signing all your checks and documents the easy way - with ezSigner software.

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Check Printing with Secure Signatures
SecureCheck 8

Secure check signing can also be incorporated into your check printing process. The SecureCheck 8 MICR check printing system offers a Signature Logic feature that adds intelligence and efficiency to the check signing process. Signature Logic applies a designated number of signatures or requires manual signature based on the check amount. The system administrator sets the check signing parameters. (e.g. All checks with amounts less than $499 print with two signatures; all checks with amounts between $500 and $1,500 print with one signature and require a second manual signature; all checks in amounts over $1,500 will print no signatures and require two manual signatures.)

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