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Check printing software from AP Technology adds unmatched security and functionality to your check processing. These solutions are compatible with practically any operating system, environment, and accounting application:

MICR Check Printing Software
for Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)

Whether you are printing checks from one account to a single printer or printing checks from multiple accounts to any number of printers across your network, SecureCheck 8 can help your organization enhance security and efficiency at every stage of your check printing process. SecureCheck 8 MICR check printing software offers advantages to any organization printing 300+ checks per month or checks from multiple accounts using pre-printed check stock. The solution is also scalable as your organization's security and capacity requirements grow or change.

MICR Check Printing Software
for Enterprises

SecureCheck 8 can be configured to meet the unique requirements of enterprise-size businesses by allowing checks to be printed for any number of accounts to any number of printers on a company's LAN or WAN. SecureCheck 8 can help your business enhance security and efficiency at every stage of the check printing process. As a highly scalable solution, SecureCheck 8 will grow along with any new requirements for additional accounts, printers, check printing capacity, or security.

How does MICR check printing software work?

MICR check printing software makes your check printing process easier and more secure. The print stream from your accounting application is first audited and then merged with a check-form stored at the printer to produce finished MICR checks on blank stock. Blank stock is void of all check information except the check's embedded security features. Eliminating the need to order and store pre-printed check stock can lead to significant savings and improve overall check printing security for your business.

No other check writing software solution offers such a robust set of security features to help businesses meet today's demands for legislative compliance and identity fraud prevention. These features include audits, event logs, user permissions, email notifications, and more.

SecureCheck 8 also offers software intelligence that will automate almost all your check printing tasks for greater simplicity and productivity. You can configure SecureCheck 8 check writing software to automate check-form selection, printer selection, multi-account check runs, check sorting, duplexing, and more.

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Remote Check Printing Software
Secure Remote Check Printing, via Web Connectivity

APSecure-RCP remote check printing software is based on the award-winning SecureCheck MICR laser check printing technology and enables businesses to securely print checks both locally and across the web to as many remote locations as needed. Using only web connectivity and centralized administrative controls, checks can be securely and quickly distributed to remote locations for printing.

If your business regularly distributes printed checks to multiple locations, APSecure-RCP distributed check printing software can create tremendous savings in processing and mailing costs, and also improve the overall security and efficiency of your check printing process.

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On-Demand Check Printing Software
Secure On-Demand Check Printing

Secure-ODC enables any check, including checks for vendors and refunds, to be printed at any remote location with centralized process management and real-time data reporting. Streamline your process, improve tracking and control of remote disbursements, and add positive pay protection to supporting accounts.

Learn more about Secure-ODC On-Demand Check Printing System

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